How to unlock your Alcatel

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Our unlocking procedure is safe, easy to use and 100% guaranteed to unlock your smartphone. To unlock your Alcatel smartphone with our easy and safe method complete the form below and click Confirm Order.

Dial *#06# to view your IMEI

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Quick unlocking guide

After we have processed your IMEI you will receive the unlock code in your inbox. Most of the times to network unlock your smartphone all you need to do is insert the SIM card you want to use and the phone will prompt you for the unlock code. In case you need any assistance, our customer support is always there to answer any questions you might have.

Unlocking instructions

How To Unlock Alcatel:

Model:  Generic Method.

1.    Switch ON your phone without Sim Card.

2.    Enter: *#0000*Unlock Code#

3.    To finish, enter: *#0001*Unlock Code#

Model:  531 & 535

1.    Switch ON your phone without SIM Card

2.    Press * and without release enter 787292

3.    "Unlock Network" box will appear, select "YES"

4.    Enter the Unlock Code


Model:  All other Alcatel

1.    Insert an unauthorized Sim Card and turn ON your phone

2.    Enter Network Key" box will appear

3.    Enter Unlock Code